East Germany: No Price Increases in Softwood Logs

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The rise in prices for sawlogs and pulpwood in East Germany has stopped. However, in contracts for the third Quarter or the second Half-year, price reductions desired by sawmills are not put into practice. Prices for Pine and Spruce are updated in recent months. Quarterly conclusions for Pine are at € 72-73/m³ (free alongside forest road) and for Spruce at € 95/m³. In pulpwood, there are slight (€ 0.5 to 1.0/m³) price corrections downwards. Conclusions are at € 29.50 to 30 /m³ for Pine MDF-wood and at € 31.50 to 32/m³ for Pine OSB-wood.

Higher discounts in sawlogs and in pulpwood are accorded only for not contracted quantities. Then in pulpwood, prices can fall to € 25/m³. In Pine sections, spot quantities sometimes change hands only for € 68/m³ in the leading assortment.

The stocks in both the sawmills and the wood products industry are high. Delivery is apportioned and sometimes companies announce delivery stops. Stocks in forests are growing. There are still flow outs from snow damage in Saxony and Thuringia, similar to those in Northern Bavaria. Log demand from the Czech Republic and from Austria is lively in Saxony and Thuringia.

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