South-Germany: Pallet Sawmills Pay More for Logs

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While in Bavaria up to € 70/m³ are paid for pallet logs in some cases, prices in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hesse remain below, despite increases in recent weeks. At the top, up to € 67/m³ are reached. Price level for sections, 2.40 m long, is lower than the price of 3.60 m long sections or prices of long timber. Prices depend on the freight distance.

Softwood logs for pallets
Q IV/2010 (BaWue)
Softwood logs for pallets
Q I-II/2011 (BaWue)
Softwood logs for pallets
Q III-IV/2011
1a - 49.50-51.50 -
53.50-55.50 CTL BaWue
55-57 long timber BaWue
1b 53-54.50 54.50-56.50 58-60.50 CTL BaWue
55-58 CTL BaWue 2.4m
60-62 long timber BaWue
56-57 Hesse
2a 57-59.50 57.50-59.50 61.50-63.50 CTL BaWue
59-62 CTL BaWue 2.4m
63-65 long timber BaWue
61-62 Hesse
2b 59-61.50 59.50-61.50
63 long timber
64-66 CTL BaWue
61-64 CTL BaWue 2.4m
65.50-67.50 long timber BaWue
66-67 Hesse
(All prices in €/m³ free alongside forest road)

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