Weinig - Luxscan at the cutting edge of innovation with its Easyscan RT at Koetter Woodworking

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Koetter Woodworking has recently upgraded one of its rip lines, with the help of machinery manufacturer Weinig. The US-based company owns 20 Weinig molders and installed their first scanner line from Weinig in 2013, as to automate the cross-cutting process. Koetter approached Weinig Inc to discuss on how to upgrade the rip line at the beginning of the process, which was quite old and not fast enough to feed the Weinig scanner chop line, in 2015.

The existing line was fed by a lateral scanner and no room was available to convert to a standard longitudinal scanning line. Nevertheless, the new detection requirements were not really compatible with a lateral scanner unless Koetter implemented a very expensive solution, with many cameras along the board, as the maximum lumber length was 5500mm.

Thus, the Easyscan RT concept was born. Luxscan Technologies, part of the Weinig group, came up with this idea, that instead of moving the lumber through the scanner, they could move the scanner across the wood. By doing so there would be no compromise between scanning accuracy, floor-space and budget. 

Also, Koetter invested in a Profirip 610 with 6 moving blades, from Weinig.

The machine got designed and build within 6 months. Since this was the first scanner with this concept, it was fully tested in Luxembourg together with Koetter’s material for all species.

Moreover, the company has since ordered a second line nearly identical to the first which is to be installed early 2018.

For over 50 years, Koetter Woodworking has been committed to manufacturing the finest wood products available including Architectural Millwork, Solid Wood Doors, and Stairparts as well as a variety of Wood Components for the kitchen cabinet, office furniture, and store fixture industries.

For more info please visit www.weinig.com


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