Vapo inaugurated new sawline at Hankasalmi Mill

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Finland’s biggest sawmill investment in 2011 was made at Vapo’s Hankasalmi Mill. Previous machinery, dating back to 1995, was replaced with a sawline representing latest technology in the industry. There were also further investments in the log feeding and sawn timber handling departments. The overall investment at Hankasalmi was EUR 10 million.

”The investment improves the mill poductivity by one fifth and thereby it improves our competitiviness markedly. The production process was streamlined through automation and new machinery. Both the running and maintenance costs will be reduced. The production volumes at Hankasalmi will remain roughly at the current level." said Vapo Timber’s Managing Director Juha Hakala.

The investment also meant a saving of 10 man years with own personnel and subcontractors.
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