South-Germany: Throughout Over € 100/m³ in Softwood Logs

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In recent weeks uncertainty among the sawmills is great, and the appeals of the wood industry to the forestry to cut prices become louder. But such wishes fall on deaf ears at representatives of forest associations in Bavaria. They expect stable prices in Q4 or even a slight increase of 1 to 2 euros per m³.

First conclusions in southern Bavaria - below 10,000 m³ - confirm their expectations. There, throughout € 100/m³ for Spruce (2b, B/C, without bonus) are achieved, also in small private forests. In large private forests, prices ranged from € 101 to 103/m³ already in the third Quarter of 2011. Price peaks of up to € 110/m³ can be found in western Bavaria in selected long timber for construction. However, the vast majority is marketed between € 100 and 105/m³.

In the face of limited opportunities to significantly lower wood logs prices, sawmills now tend to longer contract terms until the end of January or even until March 2012.

In logs for mechanical pulp, there is already an oversupply. Free pulpwood volumes in Bavaria realize prices of € 34 per stacked cubic meter instead of € 36 to 37 contracted in annual conclusions. After the closures in Albbruck, Ettringen and Straßbourg further discounts of 4 to 5 euros are expected.

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