Germany: Spruce Log Prices At Uniform Level

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From Berchtesgaden to Bocholt one price level for spruce. Softwood log prices in Germany are conforming. The state-owned forestry operation in North Rhine-Westphalia reports similar prices for the main assortment as operations in Baden-Wuerttemberg and private forests in Bavaria. Large sawmills were not able to push price reductions of between 2 and 5 per m³.

Hessen-Forst confirmed contracts made a few weeks ago by reporting further conclusions between € 97-98 per m³. In Bavaria, prices of the main assortment stabilized at the level of the second Quarter and are still at € 97-99 per m³. Good news for the sawmills is - the 100 € mark has not yet been broken over there. However forestry co-operatives have gotten high offers from collectors with stumpage prices above € 90 per m³. ForstBW in Baden-Wuerttemberg has agreed with several key customers in the eastern part of the country to raise prices for fresh Spruce and Fir logs. Market partners aggreed upon the following prices in the main assortment of Spruce: Long logs (B) € 99.50 per m³, long logs (C) € 84.50 per m³, sections (B/C) € 97.50 per m³. Prices for fir are located 4 euros underneath. There are differences in the duration of the contracts.

In Germany, uniform log prices constitute an exception. Typically, prices in the South are higher than prices in the North.

free alongside forest road
Spruce B/C (without bonus)
2b+ 97-99
Prices in Bavaria, 3rd Quarter.

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