Sennebogen 830M - timber handling machine in NZ

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SENNEBOGEN 830M The SENNEBOGEN 830 M has long been established as a multifunctional material handling machine in a wide variety of different usage areas. Since the start of 2012, a 830 M is being used for timber handling in Port Chalmers for the first time in New Zealand.

C3 Limited, New Zealand's leading port and material handling service provider, serves a total of 15 ports in the region around New Zealand and Australia. For timber handling in the country's third largest port, Port Chalmers, the decision-makers selected a SENNEBOGEN for the first time. The material handling machine arranges, sorts and loads round timber logs in the extensive warehouse area, enabling optimal utilization of the capacities.

The boom reaches up to 16 meters, which allows the logs to be stacked high. The 830 M also takes up little space, is maneuverable and easy to operate. The strong slewing drive and top travel speed of 20 km/h mean that the machine can act quickly, the elevating maXcab offers optimal overview, outstanding comfort and maximum safety. The driver can use the timber grab to lift the logs precisely to the intended storage position for problem-free logistics.

The SENNEBOGEN 830 is by no means a new addition to the world of material handling in New Zealand. Pacific Materials Handling, the local SENNEBOGEN dealer, has delivered dozens of machine to numerous customers in the region since 2006. Until now, however, other machines have mostly been used for timber handling. "The SENNEBOGEN 830 M enables maximum flexibility and productivity, while ensuring optimal safety for all involved - an important factor when sorting timber logs at great heights", praises Graham Wylie.
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