Russia: sawn timber export value up by 38%

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In January 2017, Russian sawn timber exports have significantly grown, indicate the statistics published by the Russian Federal Customs Office.

Thus, during the first month of the current year Russia exported 1.106 million tonnes of sawn timber. That is 29.53% more than during the respective period of the last year.

The total value of the exported Russian sawn timber increased as well. In January 2017 it came up to $226.3 million having gone up by 38.15%. 

However, the Russian log exports went down in volume terms. In January 2017, Russian log exports came up to 1.24 million m3 while during the respective month of the last year it equalled 1.29 million m3. Therefore, the figure decreased by 3.81% y-o-y. 

The total value of the Russian logs exported in January 2017 came up to $97.2 million, that is 11.08% more than in January 2016.