EU publishes Russian softwood log quotas

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The EU has published the export tariff quotas for Russian logs in advance of Russia joining the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The accession will become legally effective by 22 August 2012 at the latest. This regulation defines who and how European companies can benefit from reduced export duties when purchasing wood in Russia.

The quotas now released are 5,960,600m3 for spruce exports to the EU and 3,645,900m3 for pine. As previously predicted, the tariff rate within the quota will be 13% for spruce and 15% for pine. Outside the quota, the duty currently stands at 25%.

Three quota periods will apply – the remainder of 2012, the full year 2013 and 2014. During the first part of each quota period (ie from January 1-July 31, 2013) traditional importers will be allocated 70% of the quota, while newcomers will receive 30%. The TRQ will be allocated by the Commission either on the basis of a “first-come, first-served” approach or by means of “traditional” and “new” importer categories.

To be recognised as a traditional importer, companies need to prove they have imported a minimum of 5,000m3 of spruce and pine logs, either in 2004, 2007, or based on the average imported in these two years.

All companies which used to import spruce and pine from Russia and want to resume imports from Russia and benefit from these TRQs shall contact their national Licence Office to register as “traditional importer” by 3 of July.

Further Information and Licenses Offices for download:

PDF: C12048 Annex I-COM Implementing Regulation allocation of TRQs applying to exports of wood from Russia to the EU

PDF:C12048 Annex II-Q&A document Russia Wood export TRQs

PDF:C12048 Annex III-List of Licence Offices - PROVISIONAL

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