Poland: only short-term price decreases for logs

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Like in other European countries the Polish prices for logs have collapsed after the Kyrill storm, not so powerfully as in Germany however. Because of so much storm timber the prices for logs in decreased strongly in 2008. In the spring of 2009 the prices of spruce have reached an all-time low of 41,70 €/m3. The prices of pine and beech had also reached their all-time low back then. Up to the second trimester of 2011 the prices of logs had followed an almost steady upward movement; however in the third trimester of 2011 the reductions were significant. However, in the fourth trimester of the last year the prices of all species had gained in value. The spruce was around 64 €/m3, pine 60 €/m3 and beech a little more than 44 €/m3.

A similar picture is depicted within the industrial wood sector. After Kyrill there were heavy losses, and then the situation shifted steeply upwards. The striking thing is that prices for industrial wood have risen more powerfully in comparison with the low point of 2003 than those of saw logs. Lastly they were almost 41 €/Fm for pine, 38 €/Fm for spruce and almost 36 €/Fm for beech.
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