Malaysia: Timber prices continue to slide

ITTO's Tropical Timber Market Report
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Malaysian timber prices continue to slide as real estates and construction industries in major export markets begin to cool. The slide in prices is expected to ease by March 2008.

Malaysia Log Prices
Sarawak log, FOB US$ per m3
Meranti SQ up 300-320↓
Super small 258-269↓ 
Keruing SQ up 271-282↓ 
Small 235-264↓ 
Super small 225-233↓ 
Kapur SQ up 246-261↓ 
Selangan Batu SQ up 271-294↓ 
Pen. Malaysia logs, domestic (SQ) US$ per m3
DR Meranti 353-396↓
Balau 287-318↓ 
Merbau 418-440↓ 
Rubberwood 235-254↓ 
Keruing 281-294↓ 
Peninsular Malaysian meranti logs are top grade and are used for scantlings for the EU. Their prices are higher than Sarawak’s.

Malaysia Sawnwood Prices
Malaysia Sawnwood, FOB US$ per m3
White Meranti A & up 433-458↓ 
Seraya Scantlings (75x125 KD) 719-754↓ 
Sepetir Boards 324-338↓ 
Sesendok 25,50mm 446-476↓ 
Kembang Semangkok 428-446↓ 
Malaysian Sawnwood, domestic US$ per m3 
Balau (25&50mm,100mm+) 346-366↓ 
Merbau 565-585↓ 
Kempas 50mmx (75,100 & 125mm) 289-308↓ 
Rubberwood 25x75x660mm up 279-306↓ 
50-75mm Sq. 300-325↓ 
>75mm Sq. 319-348↓ 

Malaysia Plywood Prices
Malaysia ply MR BB/CC, FOB US$ per m3
2.7mm 483-510↓
3mm 460-485↓
9mm & up 415-435↓
Meranti ply BB/CC, domestic US$ per m3
3mm 458-468↓
12-18mm 393-411↓

Other Malaysia Panel Prices
Malaysia, Other Panels, FOB US$ per m3
Particleboard Export 12mm & up 227-244↓
Domestic 12mm & up 213-231↓
MDF Export 15-19mm 294-320↓
Domestic 12-18mm 269-290↓

Malaysia Added Value Product Prices
Malaysia, Mouldings, FOB US$ per m3
Selagan Batu Decking 693-711↓
Red Meranti Mouldings 11x68/92mm x 7ft up
Grade A 730-750↓
Grade B 635-653↓

Malaysia Furniture and Parts Prices
Malaysia, Rubberwood, FOB US$ per piece
Semi-finished dining table solid laminated top 2.5'x4', extension leaf 55-71↓
As above, Oak Veneer 62-76↓
Windsor Chair 53-56
Colonial Chair 46-54
Queen Anne Chair (soft seat) without arm 47-60
with arm 51-60
Chair Seat 27x430x500mm 34-39
Rubberwood Tabletop US$ per m3
22x760x1220mm sanded & edge profiled
Top Grade 616-626↓
Standard 583-601↓

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