KWF: A Raptor for Russian land clearing

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Raptor 800 AT the KWF-Tagung in Bopfingen/Germany AHWI-Prinoth presented the Raptor 800. Especially designed for the Russian market the Raptor was developed for heavy land clearing, vegetation management, right-of-way clearing plus recultivation tasks in professional plantation and forestry management.

The mulcher is connected with the crawler tractor through special 4-point lifting gear and is driven by power belts. With this patented drive system, the mulcher can be raised extremely high even under full load. This system enables the best possible adaptation to each work situation.

Raptor 800 The newly developed pendulum undercarriage with delta system offers increased driver comfort and guarantees minimal vibration for the entire machine, especially at higher speeds. The delta undercarriage geometry offers an exceptional self-cleaning effect and allows driving through water for up to 500 mm. For more difficult terrain conditions, there is a Low Ground Pressure (LGP) variant.

The Raptor is powered by an electronically controlled 6 cylinder Caterpillar turbodiesel engine with an output of 630 HP develops his maximum torque of 2.769 Nm already at 1,400 rpm.
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