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PE Krupskyi

Holovna Str., 20 Zolochevskiy raion, 50322 Kruhiv
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Good day! Want to offer to you our products(assortment of saw-timbers) oak and beech.We are influential producers of hardwood lumber from the ecologically clean raw materials of Ukrainian origin. Oak and beech is the main species we are working with. Boards, blanks for solid wood floor, blanks for parquet floor, oilstone, frisian, waney-edged boards аnd other are our current program.If you were interested by our suggestion ask to give more detailed informaci on products which you are interested in? Thank you! With kind regards Vasyl Krupskiy! Ukraine is the Lviv area city Zolochiv tel.+380673079177

Industry Specific Information

Other activities
  • Woodland owners,
  • Softwood sawmills,
  • Firewood,
  • DIY - retail stores,
  • Exporters,
  • Loggers,
  • Sawing services - Cut-to-size sawing


Production volume 3000-5000


  • Sawn and Structural Timber
    • Hardwood Timber
      • Unedged Timber - Boules
        • Half-Edged Boards
        • Boules
      • Sawn Timber
        • Strips
        • Stave woods
        • Squares
        • Railway Sleepers
        • Beams
        • Planks (boards)
  • Firewood - Wood Residues
    • Firewood Cleaved - Not Cleaved
      • Firewood/Woodlogs Not Cleaved
      • Firewood/Woodlogs Cleaved


  • European hardwood
    • Beech (Europe)
    • Oak (European)