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In the mid-1940’s, Helmer Ranebo purchased a small piece of forestland outside of Östanå in the southern part of Sweden and soon afterwards set up his own sawmill for production of softwood lumber primarily for his own family needs. He also did some custom-sawing of logs for farmers and forest owners in the surrounding areas. His grandson, Anders Ranebo, has since grown this modest family sawmilling business into an international organization, operating its own direct over seen sawmills in most of the countries in which ARTC Group is now active. None of this could have happened, however, without the dedication and hard work of the team of experienced experts that have made ARTC Group what it is today. ARTC in its current form was established in 2010 but ARTC goes back to 1994 when Anders Ranebo started R. Woodtrade International Inc. However before that, starting in 1988, Anders Ranebo owned and managed his own forest harvest operation with three employees with a harvester and a forwarder as the tools to learn the trade from tree to finished product to the end users. From then on, ARTC went through a number of transitions and has been involved in several international projects. In 2006 ARTC LLC was formed and in 2010 the current form of ARTC Group Inc. came into being. Altogether ARTC has been in existence and has played a significant role in the international wood products trade for more than 18 years with a total of 24 years in the wood industry. Environmental Policy The ARTC group will not knowingly participate in the trading of lumber products that are harvested in an illegal, irresponsible or non-sustainable manner. We will make available products that are certified under a variety of recognized certification programs. ARTC is constantly in the process of obtaining its own Chain-of-Custody certifications in our operations world wide. In Sweden, our raw materials originate from well managed forests and premiums are paid to log suppliers who are fully certified. The production in Sweden is build around the ‘Green’ concept as we strive for environmental sustainability on all fronts, at all times. Local offices •USA •Sweden •France •India •Cameroon •Tanzania •Algeria

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