Italy, Rotary cut veneer producer
The offer was deactivated.

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  • Date2013-Jul-15
  • Status: The offer was deactivated.


Company activity: 
Rotary cut veneer producer 
Company description: 
complete with: - LOG CHARGER;  - DOUBLE TELESCOPIC PEELING LATHE, type SFH;  - Veneer Conveying Line with counterbelts;  - ROTARY CLIPPER;  - Conveying Line with hood and reversal;  - Belt Conveyor for waste;  - 4-bins VACUUM STACKER DEVICE;  - n. 4 Powered Rollercases on lifting tables;  - Rollercase on carriage;  - n. 4 lift-tables for Stacker;  - Conveyor for Core Veneer;  - Waste Conveyor. 


Yearly turnover: 
1 EUR 

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Preferred markets

Sells to: Austria; Belgium; Canada; France; Germany; Italy; Liechtenstein; Mexico; Poland; Romania; Russia; Switzerland; Ukraine; USA