Produce & Sell Larch Laminated Scantling / Window Scantling / Glulam
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Solid wood type: 
Larch (Larix) (Asia) 
Species origin: 
glued window scantlings 
Short description - end use: 
window frame, door frame 


200 - 400 m3 
per month 
Width: 75/86/95/105/115/120/125/145mm
Length: 800-3000mm for DKD & DDD,
        5900/6000mm for KKK
Quality standard - norm - type - compliance requirements: 
DIN EN204 D4 
1. Wood species: Siberian Larch, others are available upon request
2. Moisture Content: 10-15%
3. Glue: DIN/EN 204 D4
4. Type: DKD, scantlings with two continuous surface layers and one finger-jointed layer
5. Defects: One tiny defect at one edge of one outer layer of up to 2 mm width
6. Standard Dimensions (unit: mm): 
Thickness: 63/72/84     
Width: 86/95/105/115/120/125/145  
Length: 700-3000, up to 6000
* Such scantlings can be customized as per dimensions, wood species, woodworking plans, type of glues, quality and etc.
7. Packing: suitable for exporting standard packing by pallets
8. Application: door & window frames, partition & false ceiling framework, pillars, staircase handrails, furniture, beams & purling and for other purposes. 

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