Oak (European), On Edge

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Solid wood type Hardwood (Temperate)
Species Oak (European)
Type On Edge


Quantity 30.0 - 150.0 m3 per month
Thickness 22 mm
Width 148 mm
Length 1820 mm
Quality QF1-2
Description Side A clear fused knots to 20mm one knot per meter of small cracks in knots allowed knots winged not allowed knots on edges not allowed. White allowed, small scratches on the foreheads permitted Side B bright knots up to 30mm allowed small cracks in knots allowed 2 knots per meter permitted sound knots on the edges to 15mm allowed Biel allowed scratches on the foreheads of up to 10 mm allowed. For both parties, the same color light brown, brown, light Cutting S4S, - Translated with google

Price & Conditions

Price On demand
Delivery deadline Available on order in less than 30 days
Buys from: Germany, Europe
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