Casuta de gradina, Spruce (Picea abies) - Whitewood

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Casuta de gradina


Casuta de gradina 
Solid wood type: 
Spruce (Picea abies) - Whitewood 


1 - 100 pieces 
ENGLISH: Little house Comfort Extra type:
The walls – made by embedding (thickness of the wall can be: 28, 40mm). Constant width of a board wall. Roof angle: 22°. Roof wainscot: thickness: 20 mm, constant width. Roof cover made of shingles. Roof advances: in lateral side 25cm, in back side 25cm. Isolation for the roof: 100mm mineral wool. Terrace in front side 1500mm width, roof advances in front side above the terrace. Insulated walls (mineral cotton wool 50 mm, antivapour foil, interior wainscot).
Decorative boards for the roof, thickness: 20 mm. Laminate flooring of 8 mm on OSB (18mm) support. Floor insulated with mineral wool of 50mm. Wood treatment with Resistol. Flower stand at the lateral window. A set of  benches and a table for the terrace.
Joinery:  one opening door massif or with window (800 x 1900mm) with hardware, two openings window (900 x 1100) in lateral side, window with one opening (600 x 900mm) in front side, wood shutters.
In option: lateral shelter, bathroom.
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