• Wood Construction
  • June 23, 2016 10:21

Euroconstruct expects further growth in the EU construction sector

Euroconstruct estimates that GDP will grow by 1.9% per annum for the 19 participating European countries in the years 2016-2018, which is virtually unchanged from the December (Budapest) forecasts. The year 2016 will see the GDP of the 19 member countries grow by 1.8%, a forecast which is slightly below the 2% projected in December 2015, while growth of 1.9% is foreseen for 2017. Notably, the year 2015 was the first time in eight years that all Euroconstruct countries recorded an increase in GDP, a development which is expected to continue over the next three years... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • June 23, 2016 08:12

Brazil: Wood product exports revenue rises

Brazil’s exports of wood-based panels tripled between January and April 2016 amounting to 269,000 cu.m, compared to 86,000 cu.m exported in the same period in 2015... [more...]

  • Sawmilling
  • June 22, 2016 11:17

EU veneer market on the road to recovery

Preliminary analysis of Eurostat data indicates that the European veneer market, which was in decline between 2010 and 2014, staged a partial recovery in 2015... [more...]

  • Wood Construction
  • June 21, 2016 13:01

US housing starts drop slighlty in May

US home building dropped slightly in May, according to a report released by the Commerce Department last week. US housing starts decreased by 0.3 percent down to an annual rate of 1.164 million in May from the revised April estimate of 1.167 million... [more...]

Wood Construction
  • Wood Construction
  • June 21, 2016 11:12

Production in construction down by 0.2% in euro area

In April 2016 compared with March 2016, seasonally adjusted production in the construction sector fell by 0.2% in the euro area (EA19) and increased by 0.4% in the EU28, according to first estimates from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. In March 2016, production in construction fell by 1.0% in the euro area and by 1.5% in the EU28... [more...]

  • Market Prices
  • June 21, 2016 09:03

U.S.: Softwood and panel markets - Week 24, 2016

Mid-June sales were unremarkable, and traders struggled to discern the softwood lumber market’s near-term course. This led to conservative, just-in-time purchasing, with buyers taking care to avoid adding to their inventories. Quick shipments were a priority, fueling the notion that there was little inventory cushion in the distribution system. Mills, meanwhile, worked to push order file through the July 4 holiday... [more...]

  • Sawmilling
  • June 20, 2016 16:13

Softwood imports to Italy 2015 1% down

Italian softwood imports fell 1% overall in 2015, with a 3% decrease from lead supplier Austria offset by upturns from Finland, France and Latvia as the ETTF (European Timber Trade Federation reports in its latest newsletter. Non-EU suppliers' import share was ...... [more...]

  • Market Prices
  • June 17, 2016 13:01

Unchanged log prices in Central/West Africa

Log prices were unchanged throughout May in Central/West Africa and show no signs of movement even though there are reports of some modest increases in demand. Over the past few months analysts note a developing trend towards demand for better quality wood products with both buyers and consumers, through their own choice, being prepared to pay a fair price for a good product rather than pursuing the lowest price... [more...]

  • Panels
  • June 16, 2016 09:29

Tropical plywood loses market shares on the EU market

Latest EU import data shows that tropical plywood has continued to lose share in the EU plywood market over the last two years. While EU imports of plywood from all sources increased sharply between 2013 and 2015, from 3.38 million cu.m to 3.92 million cu.m, a level not seen since before the financial crises, imports from the tropics have remained stubbornly low. After increasing 4% to 324,000 cu.m in 2014, EU imports of plywood from tropical countries fell back 6% to 305,000 cu.m in 2015. The share of tropical countries in EU plywood imports fell from 9.2% in 2013 to only 7.8% in 2015, the lowest level for at least the last 20 years, and probably much longer.... [more...]

  • Market Prices
  • June 15, 2016 14:13

The global wood fiber prices indices continued down in the 1Q/16

Both the HFPI and the SFPI price indices fell in the 1Q/16 with generally lower prices in Europe, Canada and Russia partly because of weakening currencies against the US Dollar. For many countries, current prices are at their lowest levels in almost ten years... [more...]

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