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  • Forestry
  • August 28, 2015 12:13

China: Ash imports to resume

According to China's Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Announcement No.143, 2015 imports of the species of ash associated with a die-back disease (Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus) can be resumed provided the timber undergoes high temperature treatment... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • August 28, 2015 11:41

RusForest reports positive EBITDA and improved results

RusForest AB, a Swedish forestry company with operations in Russia, released its second quarter report 2015... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • August 28, 2015 09:01

SCA reorganizes structure

Makes investments in newly created Forest Products division... [more...]

  • Market Prices
  • August 27, 2015 13:54

Switzerland: Strong franc the main cause of a bad business year

The Swiss Timber Market Commission (HMK) sees a timber market negatively impacted by a weak economic environment and a massive strong Swiss franc. The euro area is no stimulent for growth and the downturn in China recently unsettled the whole world. During the 26th of August meeting, the HMK agreed again on two separate trends: Swiss sawyers which indicate stable prices; and forest owners, which expect to adapt to the slightly improved exchange rate.... [more...]

  • Market Prices
  • August 27, 2015 11:38

Roundwood price going downwards in Estonia

Sawlog prices have become cheaper in June both as compared to the previous month as well as compared to last year... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • August 27, 2015 09:32

Rougier acquires new forest concession in Africa

Rougier has announced the allocation of a forest concession of about 270,000 hectares in the Central African Republic. The French company is one of the main owners of forests in Africa, with more than... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • August 26, 2015 12:56

India joins PEFC

India has become the latest country to join PEFC – an addition that sees PEFC reach the 40 National members milestone... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • August 26, 2015 09:02

Brazilian forest products exports improve in the first half 2015

In the first six months of 2015, revenue from exports of pulp, woodbased panels and paper totalled US$3.6 billion, about the same level as in the first half of 2014. ... [more...]

  • Market Prices
  • August 24, 2015 15:36

US lumber prices drop for seven consecutive weeks

Prices of US framing lumber were mostly soft last week, as steady consumption in the U.S. was outweighed by supplies. Traders surmised that the U.S. was the target for a larger share of both Canadian and U.S. production. While liquidity was decent, the market was unable to readily absorb the supplies. European imports were also a factor in East Coast markets... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • August 24, 2015 14:27

Survey reveals opinion on the EUTR

Two years after the European Union Timber Regulation entered into force, the European Commission conducted a survey to show the overall sentiment of the industry towards the effectiveness of the EUTR... [more...]

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