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  • Market Prices
  • July 06, 2015 15:02

Spruce prices in Tyrol drop to five-year low

In June, only about a third of the volumes reported in May were sold in Tyrolean non-state forests. The reason for this are probably the unusually low wood prices. The prices for main assortments have again fell sharply in June, with spruce prices of €85.71/m3 for B/C quality and 58.90 for Cx being at the lowest point in five years.... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • July 06, 2015 13:19

India: Encouraging plantations of sandalwood and agar

Investment in plantation teak began in the post-independence era in India and large areas of mixed forests were clear felled for planting teak. Because the forest was cleared the stock of trees used for medicinal purposes as well as those for production of gums and resins dwindled. In addition, forest biodiversity suffered. These developments have been subject of debate in India and proposals have been made to address biodiversity loss... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • July 06, 2015 11:04

Japan focuses more on the utilisation of domestic wood resources

White paper is the report that the Japanese government makes up to explain present situation and future prospect of certain industry. It describes issues and solution of the industry. Japan's Forestry and Forest white paper is officially approved. The main theme this year is wood industry since the industry to process and distribute is vital and essential to promote cyclical utilisation of forest resources... [more...]

  • Sawmilling
  • July 06, 2015 10:16

Danzer expands in Dresden

International hardwood specialist Danzer is relocating their IT and technology department to Kesselsdorf, near Dresden in Germany. At the same time Danzer doubles the size of their production space in Kesselsdorf by moving to a larger site. The expansion is driven by an increased demand for 3D-Veneer and the favorable business conditions in Dresden... [more...]

  • Panels
  • July 06, 2015 09:43

Sonae Indústria sold French Darbo

Sonae Indústria, SGPS, S.A. announced that its affiliates, Tafisa France SAS and Taiber, Tableros Aglomerados Ibéricos, SL, sold, on the present date, 100% of the Share Capital of Darbo SAS (owner of Linxe plant, located in France) to an affiliate of GRAMAX CAPITAL, a Swiss-German based private investment group... [more...]

  • Interior
  • July 06, 2015 08:20

Upward trend in EU furniture production continues

Eurostat data shows that furniture production in the EU is slowly recovering from the period of weakness in 2012 and 2013. The production volume index was around 1.6% above the 2010 reference level in the first quarter of 2015, the first time it has exceeded this level since early 2012... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • July 03, 2015 15:20

Swedish Energy Agency will invest €19,2 million in a biofuel production research

The Swedish Energy Agency is investing SEK 180 million (€19,2 million) in two new research programs to develop more efficient and cheaper principles of the biofuel production... [more...]

  • Forestry
  • July 03, 2015 15:08

China rolls out new national regulations for forest certification

The Chinese State Forest Administration (SFA) and the Certification and Administration of People's Republic of China (CNCA), the main body for controlling and auditing certification in China, have introduced a new set of Forest Certification Regulations... [more...]

  • Interior
  • July 03, 2015 12:14

Poland closing gap on Italy the EU’s top wooden furniture exporter

Exports from Poland and Italy have performed more strongly than those from Germany in recent years. Italy is still by far the largest European exporter of wood furniture but Poland has been closing the gap in the last two years. In late 2014 Poland overtook Germany to become Europe's second largest exporter of wood furniture. However German exports have been rising since the start of 2014 after a sharp downturn in 2012 and 2013... [more...]

  • Wood Construction
  • July 03, 2015 09:14

US housing market normalising after 7 years of turmoil

The housing market in the US is a major driver of wood product consumption and prospects are looking much better now... [more...]

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Russia considers ban on roundwood exports to Finland

Russia might restrict roundwood exports to Finland due to Helsinki’s refusal to grant entry visas to six Russian officials... [ more...]

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