FORDAQ can help you quickly create an efficient presence on Internet, making the best use of your budget.

No matter if your needs are creating your website, registering your domain name or referencing your website, FORDAQ can provide you with an A to Z solution.

Contact us
By phone: +32 (0)2 533 04 80
By fax: +32 (0)2 533 04 98
By email: info@fordaq.com

Custom website:

  • A site tailored to your requirements, with custom design made by a professional designer
  • Number of pages, images and content defined by you in collaboration with the designer
Price: 500,00 EUR/Page

Website hosting

  • Basic:

    • Free disk space of up to 20 MB maximum
    • Your site is accessed via an address within FORDAQ, such as www.fordaq.com/web/mycompany
    • You can update the content of your site from your own computer (via FTP server)
    • Unlimited data transfer
  • Plus:

    • Free disk space of up to 100 MB maximum including hosting of email messages
    • 2 email accounts, accessed via POP server
    • Registration of your own domain name such as www.mycompany.com
    • You can update the content of your site from your own computer (via FTP server)
    • Management, maintenance and monitoring of the network
    • Weekly back-up of your site
    • Unlimited data tranfer


Set up fee: 100,00 EUR
Yearly fee: 50,00 EUR


Set up fee: 250,00 EUR
Yearly fee: 250,00 EUR
FORDAQ Silver and Gold subscribers do not pay the yearly fee

Search engines submission and optimization

  • Verification of the pages for a better ranking
  • Manual submission to the main search engines on Internet (national and international)
  • Monthly control of the position of the site in the search engines, with eventual changes and re-submission for a better ranking
  • Monthly report of the ranking of the site in the search engines
Price: 2 500 EUR / year