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P.O. Box 308 1440 Laukant Street , 53959 Reedsburg
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Meister Log & Lumber is a premier Northern sawmilling company in Wisconsin, USA operating 3 sawmills, Meister Log & Lumber, Park Falls Hardwoods and Buffalo Lumber & Tie. Meister Log & Lumber produces large volumes (over 235,000m3 annually) of the prized Northern USA hardwoods of Black Walnut, Hard Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory, Cherry, White Ash, Black Ash, Basswood and Aspen. We sell kiln dried sawn timber, shipping dry (on lath) sawn timber, veneer logs, saw logs. In sawn timber we specialize in thick Red Oak (6/4 (39mm) and 8/4 (51mm)). We also focus on Black Walnut in Prime, Com/Sel and #2 Com in 4/4 through 12/4 thicknesses. In Black Walnut flooring strips we are the only US manufacturer sawing to the European thickness of 30mm green, which makes for a huge yield advantage for 3-strip flooring manufacturers. Our log resource is the finest in North America. As a result we export large volumes of veneer logs in season, with the primary species being Black Walnut, Hard Maple, Red Oak, with lesser volumes of White Oak, White Ash, Black Ash and Hickory. We are FSC Certified (SW-COC-00008)

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  • Forest and Logs
    • Hardwood Logs
      • Firewood
      • Peeling Logs
      • Saw Logs
      • Veneer Logs
    • Tropical Logs
      • Firewood
  • Sawn and Structural Timber
    • Hardwood Timber
      • Sawn Timber
        • Beams
        • Planks (boards)
        • Railway Sleepers
        • Squares
        • Strips
      • Unedged Timber - Boules
        • Boules
        • Half-Edged Boards
  • Firewood, Pellets and Residues
    • Wood Chips - Bark - Off Cuts - Sawdust - Shavings
      • Wood Chips From Sawmill
  • Pallets, Packaging and Packaging Timber
    • Sawn Timber
      • Packaging Timber
      • Pallet Timber


  • North American hardwood
    • Aspen (popple) (North America)
    • Birch (North America)
    • Butternut
    • Hickory
    • Oak (American White)
    • Oak (American Red - Origin: America)
    • Maple (American Hard Maple, Sugar Maple)
    • Maple (American Soft Maple)
    • Ash (American)
    • White Ash (North America)
    • Beech (North America)
    • Cherry (American Black)
    • Walnut (American Black)
    • Elm (American Red)
    • Sassafras
    • Basswood (American Linden)
    • Poplar - Tulipwood (American Yellow Poplar)



  • Forest and Logs
    • Hardwood Logs
      • Industrial Logs
      • Peeling Logs
      • Saw Logs
      • Veneer Logs
    • Standing Timber
    • Woodlands