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Category type Generation of energy and heating using wood fuels
Category Chimneys, Ovens and Burners
Brand No brand
Model 2013
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Condition of the item New
Date of manufacture 2012
Volume 10
Description Hello! Still there are few who dare to build a building, but surely we will move to the thermal rehabilitation of all buildings. Thermal rehabilitation of buildings has two important components: - conserve energy by insulating the perimeter closings, roof and glass areas. - Energy production at low cost, especially ecological because soon it will be very important as pollutants and will be very expensive to pollute. I congratulate you and wish you much success! By applying combustion technology *** radiant tubes was made possible eccologica heating efficiency and high spaces such as industrial buildings, warehouses, gymnasiums, churches, exhibition centers, service stations, garages, hangars, etc. The radiant tube heating, heat is transmitted directly to objects, persons who are in the area served by radiant tubes, achieving a targeted heating in work areas, identical to warming caused by sunlight, and not a huge air volume . One advantage is that Radin heating tube heating effect occurs within minutes after starting the burner operation is not required as long as the system is not operating in space. The heat is distributed evenly without drafts and dust. Public this message from the desire to make known new solutions for heating, especially for thermal energy production technologies; cheap, environmentally friendly, efficient, using biomass in the form of pellets, fuel, renewable, inexhaustible and sustainable. Combustion Technology "eco" which I propose is "patented in Romania" and apply today to four products: Thermal 20-500 kw and world premiere at: Radiant Arzotoare 20-75 kw (high space heating) injector burners 20-750 kW (replaces gas injectors, diesel oil, fuel oil, heavy oil, LPG, etc.) and mobile hot air generators 20-750 kw. The novelty consists in combustion technology, producing heat with high efficiency solid, liquid or gaseous pollutant emissions much lower than expected for 2050, the biomass fuel used: garbage, scrap, residues and waste vegetable farming, forest, forestry, animal breeding, selection of household waste, energy crops, wood chips, especially wood from forests and degraded land and fallow lands, even those with a high content of silicon or mixed sawdust etc. compacted and granulated form of pellets, granules clean, odorless, nontoxic, unalterable, from which we obtain Gcal cheapest and clean. The exceptional performance of this technology homologation obtained from biomass combustion and our products can be put into practice Romania's energy independence program, available with a huge amount of fuel amounted to 100 millions tonnes / year. With our technology to produce clean heat, immediately improving the quality of soil, water and air. RETURN OF SYSTEMS: - own ...... .................. 94-97% - wood gasification boilers ..... 55-75% - gas central ..................... 83- 85% - gas condensing 90-93% ..... ......... - .................. 80-87% pellet plants, PARTICULATE EMISSIONS - under 7.4 mg .................. own / Nmc - Romania .................. 150 mg / Nmc VOC EMISSIONS: - own .................. below 10 mg / Nmc - Romania .................. 100 mg / Nmc CARBON MONOXIDE EMISSIONS: - own .................. below 250 mg / m³ - Romania .................. 2500 mg / m³ combustion efficiency - own ......... almost 100%, cost of gigacalories obtained with our technology is between 60-120 lei. - 1-4 times lower than natural gas Optina (PRICES FOR DAY) - 3-10 times lower than that obtained by centralized systems, CHP; - 2-8 times lower than that obtained with propane, LPG and CLU; - 4-15 times lower than that obtained with electricity and diesel. We produce the cheapest and clean Gcal and can fully replace fossil fuels, expensive and polluting, by installing new systems or replacing the existing injector powered by diesel, gas, community, fuel oil, heavy oil, LPG, etc.,

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